Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Internal Programming Note

I've been at this blog for the better part of five years. I've written a ton. Sometimes more than is probably mentally healthy. But I know I've been slacking lately. There's been way more filler than there should have been, and that's dragged down the quality of content, hurting things when I actually put forth something of worth. Writing about anything and everything gives you freedom to roam around, but it can also leave things unfocused if you're not careful, and lately, I haven't been careful.

And you'll note I've been missing days lately. In fact, I haven't been here for a week. That's because I've been moving operations to Wordpress. In the effort to try to get that soccer podcast going, I discovered that Blogger doesn't take audio files. Which is a big problem. If I was going to get anything done regarding that, I needed a place that would take audio files, and that turned out to be Wordpress. In the process, I decided that it would be a good time to refocus.

So say hello to The Minnow Tank, a soccer-exclusive site ('minnow' being a term for a team towards the back end of the quality scale in a given competition). Being soccer-exclusive does not preclude talking about the larger issues in the world, as soccer and the larger world commonly intertwine. But it does provide some sort of direction. I don't intend to attempt to update it every day like I've tried to do here; only when I have something I feel is worth posting.

I'm not going to take Random Human Neural Firings down, but me manning The Minnow Tank precludes me being over here. This site will be left up as an archive. Hope to see you over there.