Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Shameless Excuse Post

According to the most recent available figures, one in every 31 people is either incarcerated, on parole or on probation in the United States. So it's entirely possible someone in the audience will be arrested at some point.

So if you are, please note that the police, such as this cop which another video on the topic identifies as Tom Mumford of San Miguel County, New Mexico, hate it when you do this after they have arrested you for starting a bar fight:

According to another show that interviewed Mumford, the assault-for-spitting charge wasn't pursued. An unedited clip shows that the bleeped words included the F-word for 'gay', and the N-word (which he used on a white officer).

Of course, if the clip shown here isn't enough, apparently you can purchase the entire 28-minute session, with an optional six bonus minutes. If that's how you want to spend your money.

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