Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random News Generator- Bermuda

As if it were news, yes, the recession has hit Bermuda too. Big surprise. This, however, is about the point when it's really starting to pummel the island. As of late, the local industrial union has agreed to forego overtime pay for three months; meanwhile, there's been a heavily increased strain on a number of social assistance programs, pushing them far over budget, as people try to buy food and pay bills. Churches in Bermuda have stepped up support, but there's more help needed than available. The Food Bank, for example, has reported spending $80,000 on a budget of $23,000. That's not due to waste. There's just that many more people in need than usual.

As far as the analysts are concerned, Bermuda isn't getting out of it anytime soon. To put it bluntly, if you're Bermudian, this year is going to suck. And with Bermuda being a known tax haven, the rest of the world is more likely to kick them while they're down more than anything else.

We should probably end on some sort of up note here... let's see... that's bad... that's depressing... ick.. ick... ick...

Ooh. Here's something nice.

Hey. For all you know, those hamsters are in Bermuda.

(checks), wait, the person who posted that video is from Australia. Never mind.

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