Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No 'Koch' Puns; I Have Dignity Today

Okay, I guess I'm getting screechy after all. Ian Murphy, the editor of the Buffalo Beast, an alternative newspaper that later went exclusively online, decided to pose over the phone as David Koch, one of the conservative financier Koch brothers. His goal was to get through to Scott Walker.

Normally when someone tries this kind of thing, they either get busted immediately, or best case, they get through but are busted partway through the call.

Murphy, meanwhile, not only got through, but held an entire conversation with Walker, whose office later confirmed the call as authentic. (As the Beast's website is throwing out 404's right now, I link to the Huffington Post instead.)

This is the audio of that call, evidently held at 2 PM yesterday, which means I was in Madison while this call was taking place.

EDIT: You know... it might help if I posted the second half of that audio too.

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