Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random News Generator- Fiji

This is not the greatest choice the RNG could have dropped on me today. Fiji is having a slow-news period, which in the United States still means there's some politician saying something of consequence or someone doing a very bad thing to someone else or even bad weather somewhere. Or you could tackle some longer-term story that doesn't lend itself to daily reporting.

In Fiji, it just means there's a mighty big sports page and other places talking about it for tourism purposes. The thing that best qualifies as news for our purposes in Fiji is this short article out of the Fiji Times Online concerning Fiji suffering a brain drain.

...well, okay, there were these two kids who stole a bunch of money- $20,000 in Fijian money, which is $11,212 American- out of a parked car. So we're not totally bereft of news. We're just almost totally bereft.

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