Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How To Post Nude Pictures Of Celebrities

1. Do not post nude pictures of celebrities., there aren't like 8 or 9 steps after this in which we delve into ever more ludicrous depths of spectacular idiocy. I am of course referring to the scandal from August in which people who shall not be named got their hands on nude photos of celebrities who shall (mostly) not be named and then everybody had a big debate over whether to look at them or not, a time during which people went and looked at them. For educational reasons, I'm so sure.

You want some more steps? Fine. Here's a Step 2 and Step 3 for you.

2. If you see a link pointing to nude pictures of celebrities, do not click on it.
3. This does not only apply to celebrities. This applies to anyone who has not explicitly consented to you viewing them in the nude.

One of the celebrities in question, Jennifer Lawrence, the only one we'll name here- someone not exactly known for holding her tongue- spoke to Vanity Fair in an interview where she called the posting of the photos a "sex crime". And I'd be inclined to agree with her. No. There may have been no physical contact or penetration involved. That does not mean that Jennifer- or any of the others victimized by this- did not have their privacy or their bodies violated. Because they did. They did not consent to you seeing them nude. I'm sure that some people out there would not particularly mind having nude photos of themselves sent out over the Internet, but the vast majority of us would. And just because they exist doesn't mean the person they're of wants everybody to see them. (And even if you do have such photos, as Erika Moen of the NSFW comic Oh Joy Sex Toy notes, that doesn't mean they're yours to do with as you wish. If the person they're of ever asks you to get rid of them, don't ask questions. Just get rid of them. Immediately.)

Nude pictures and kitty pictures are not to be handled the same way around these parts. Got that?

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