Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It Had To Be PBS Sooner Or Later

Continuing work on trying to cobble together a set of knowledge sufficient to get a podcast up online for the listenings. So I'm going to give you a video to watch.

When you hear about European penetration into the United States, usually you're hearing about the colonies, or the Oregon Trail, or the southwest. Maybe the odd bit of talk about Hawaii.  Up north, typically it's Lewis and Clark. My home state, though, Wisconsin, tends to escape all of this, as it wasn't anyone famous that got here first. It was a Frenchman named Jean Nicolet in 1634, who was up this way in one of the endless attempts to find the Northwest Passage.

For more, I hand you to, really it's a wonder I haven't used more of their stuff, PBS. Specifically, Wisconsin Public Television. Have fun whilst I wrestle with audios.

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