Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Do People Get Like This?

A Penny Arcader, name withheld, describes her day:

I go out to get rat food, and some random stranger demands that I defend Hamas because her brother got killed in whatever their last attack was - when I express my condolences and ask if she wants to go get coffee and talk about it, she says I shouldn't 'patronize' her, then actually spits in my face and storms off. Then I come back and, as I'm getting my keys out for the building, one of my neighbors grills me on whether or not I actually live there (we've had problems with people breaking into the building) - the same neighbor who has seen me in the fucking laundry room three damn times now. I get inside, drink tea, try to relax, and upon checking my email there are four hate emails (one of which is a threat against my life and includes my home address) from someone who apparently tracked me down from my former Youtube account, the most tame insult of which is 'stupid fucking Muslim bitch'.

This happened in Seattle. And yes, the police were notified.

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