Friday, April 30, 2010

Random News Generator- Aruba

Today the Random News Generator hits Aruba, where...

...errrrrrr... hoo boy, the RNG backfired today, didn't it?

...ooh, ooh, no wait, here's something. The Ministry of Tourism's launching a new website! Now you'll be able to much more easily see that Aruba is nice and pretty and sunny and you should go to Aruba right now! Don't you want to go to Aruba right now?!

...well, valuable lesson learned. If ever this eventuality comes up again- if the Random News Generator ever decides to be suitably ornery to where it pops out a country in which there is really, truly nothing of consequence happening- we'll just spin again until we DO get actual news. Such instances will be noted.

Stupid RNG. Could have given me Mexico or Greece or Spain or Iran or China or Iraq or North Korea or Afghanistan or Thailand or South Africa or the UK or the US, the front page of Google News's World section shows Belgium, Bhutan, Lebanon, Nepal, Israel, India, Pakistan, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, Japan, the Vatican... and Aruba? You give me Aruba?

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