Monday, June 7, 2010

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Moment Of Zen Edition

Oh, hey, Blogger will let me update again. Wonderful. (Wouldn't let me do anything yesterday.)

The newest book on my shelf: I Know I Am, But What Are You?, by Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee. It's more or less an autobiography, with the kicker that it is written by a Daily Show correspondent and you should very much take that into account.

Bee, as you'll quickly find out, grew up in an environment that was disturbingly fertile for sex education. Any kind of sex education. The most disgustingly complex stuff you can think of, Samantha in all likelihood has heard of something even worse. The difference between her and Sarah Silverman is that Bee doesn't really show it nearly as much.

She shows enough here. Not so much as to be uncomfortable (she makes a point of noting her lack of partaking in same), but... definitely not for the kiddies. Funny as hell, but not for kids.

Also, there is a serial-killer guinea pig, whom Bee describes with the phrase "murder with his penis".

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