Friday, June 18, 2010

True Facts About Koman Coulibali

*Koman Coulibali of Mali, the referee for the US-Slovenia game, was present at the Hindenburg crash, severely reprimanding the victims for impeding the fire's progress.
*Koman Coulibali's favorite game is 52-card pickup.
*Koman Coulibali once stopped a Presidential inauguration in progress on the basis that a vote in Colorado looked funny. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that Coulibali has never been to Colorado, or in fact North America.
*Koman Coulibali once stopped police officers mid-pursuit for speeding.
*Koman Coulibali's favorite hobby is drinking tears.
*Koman Coulibali once handled a homicide case as a prosecuting attorney. Upon learning that the victim was shot in the face, he requested that the corpse be given the death penalty.

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