Friday, November 5, 2010

Game Time

Internet's unreliable today, so scrounged around for a nice puzzle game for you.

Here's one. Atom Chain Reaction.

You have a grid, 18x15, of atoms. The atoms have four sides, with smaller electrons connected to two of the sides. Your role in the proceedings is to pick one of those atoms in the grid, and click it. The atom will rotate clockwise. Should either of the smaller electrons meet the electrons of a neighboring atom, that atom will then rotate. This will kick off a chain reaction that, if you've chosen wisely, will soon proceed to get large sections of the grid all going at once.

The object is to create the biggest chain reaction you can from that one click. I did some rounds before posting it, and the number to beat I'm giving you is 1,622.

It may look at first like luck, and a big selection to pick from- 270 atoms are in the grid- but if you pay attention to the grid layout before you click, you can anticipate enough of how the chain reaction will start to where you can narrow your search down to pick between a few likely-looking atoms.

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