Friday, December 17, 2010

A Non-Frozen Lake

I was just looking through the blog archives in an effort to find some part of the world I haven't focused on yet. I may be an American, and content does skew in that direction for that reason, but I don't like to leave any part of the world uncovered around here.

So I started searching the archives with various countries, and it turns out that I have not, in nine and a half months of nearly-daily blogging, even so much as typed the word 'Malawi'. Well, we can't have that anymore, can we? (I've probably done the same with a decent portion of the Caribbean and South Pacific, particularly the Caribbean. Gets tough to say something outside of a travelouge once a country's culture and uniqueness gets utterly obliterated in favor of all-inclusive resorts. But I'll come up with something sooner or later.)

So here's an eight-and-a-half minute video on Lake Malawi.

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