Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random News Generator- Mexico

Mmmmmmm. Warm, tropical Mexico. The snow around here is starting to stick, so the RNG landing on Mexico really does the oh wait there's a drug war there. Drat.

Mmmmmmm. Nice, safe Wisconsin, where the guns are primarily focused on deer.

This one is really particularly depressing, standing out amongst the by now depressingly hollow-sounding arrest of a regional leader of one of the many cartels and the gruesomely familiar-sounding uncovering of a mass grave containing 18 people. Two months ago, Hermila Garcia, a 38-year-old lawyer, took the job of police chief in Meoqui, a border town in Chihuahua state with a 90-person force, because nobody else would. The job had been vacant for a year. Garcia made news for electing not to carry guns or other weapons, choosing to instead try and talk her way out of any problems. Her figuring was "If you don't owe anything, you don't fear anything."

Yesterday morning, she was proven wrong. She was gunned down by drug traffickers at about 7:20 AM yesterday. She was driving to work alone.

An AP photo here shows that federal officers have now assumed control. They may be waiting a while before anyone else steps forward.

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