Saturday, October 29, 2011


That is going to be one of the worst URL's ever.

Apparently, we have another date you're going to need to be aware of: November 9. I was alerted to this last night over the radio; you're going to want to know as well so you're not surprised.

You know those Emergency Broadcast System tests? The ones that break into programming every so often and beep at you for a couple minutes? While they've been done on state and local levels all the time, recently it occurred to someone that they'd never actually done a test on a national level and they don't know if the EBS works on that scale and, in fact, they've never really known.

So on the 9th, that's what they're going to do. The test will take place at 2 PM Eastern time, 1 PM Central, and they figure it'll run for about three minutes. They want to get the word out now because they figure if they don't, there are going to be people that get fooled by the screen that says 'this is only a test' and call 911 complaining of excessive stupidity. In fact, they don't know whether that 'this is only a test' screen is even going to show up. That's the thing. They don't know. They've never tested. Through the entire Cold War and aftermath, it never occurred to them to run a large-scale test.

So you're aware.

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