Monday, November 19, 2012

For Science!

I'm going to be really quick today, because I'd like some time to give the soccer book another update-scrubbing. Haven't given up on that thing yet. So, that established, if you've ever taken a science class, you know all about the Periodic Table. Usually it's just a sheet, though: a chart that you just have to take or leave as it is and if you don't get it, you have to learn how to speak Periodic Tablese before you can.

So to fix that problem, here is an interactive Periodic Table. Everything's sortable my multiple properties, including melting and boiling points, conductivity, abundance, and when it was discovered, and any questions can be solved with a click on the element's box, which takes you to its Wikipedia page. (The one problem is that if you need help defining a term, if you don't know what, for instance, 'lanthanoids' are, the window opening to Wikipedia doesn't contain a search box. You might want to have an extra tab on hand to Google the term.)

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