Monday, July 22, 2013

Insert Joke Here About Jimmy Hoffa In The Deep End

One thing not all that many people do these days is go swimming in the river. It happens, to be sure, but the river is generally mucky and nasty and it's much cleaner to go swim in a pool and besides the pool might have a waterslide! There is a Kickstarter campaign, though, recently successfully funded, that seeks to fix that issue. The campaign, which raised $273,114 from a $250K ask, will be looking to place a floating pool in the East River in New York City. The pool will be fed by water pumped in from the river, which will go through a seven-step filtration system to remove all the nasties before the water makes it to swimmers. ETA is the summer of 2016. The first step, though, is testing the materials and filters in the river; they'll be doing that next month.

Do remember: when they get the pool in, please don't make them filter the water a second time before putting it back in the river.

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