Monday, July 15, 2013

This Is Not A Saturday Night Live Sketch

Who needs a new chair? Maybe you. Maybe the chair you have sucks. Maybe your chair's busted, maybe it's uncomfortable. You need a new chair. And you need it to be perfect, considering how much time you'll be in it.

(insert black-and-white footage of haggard housewife using chair as a hat before throwing arms up and sighing in exasperation)

Have I got a deal for you.

Introducing the Do Hit Chair, by Droog. Designed by artist Martin van der Poll, when you order the Do Hit Chair, you are shipped a steel cube and a sledgehammer. All you do is bash the shit out of the cube until it looks like the chair you've always wanted! Make a chair! A loveseat! A couch! Manage to crack the steel somehow and you have a recliner! The possibilities are endless! It's the beanbag Thor would have used!

It's so simple!

The Do Hit Chair can be molded by van der Poll for $16,560. But why pay thousands of dollars to a professional? You can take the sledgehammer into your own hands, and have your Do Hit Chair YOUR way, for only $10,235! And don't worry about shipping; it's absolutely FREE! (Please allow 16 weeks for delivery.)

As of March, the price of hot rolled coil steel was $665 per ton.

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