Friday, July 4, 2014

Failed Game Show Pilot Repository

There is no higher purpose for this today. The thing is, I'm a game show junkie, and these are the kinds of things someone decided weren't good enough for me to spend all day watching in my childhood years, or my early adult years, or my not-born-yet years. None of these game shows made it to air. You will usually deduce why fairly quickly.

I will show them in alphabetical order.

$50,000 A Minute (note how they swiped the theme music for This Week In Baseball, and they weren't the only game show to do it)

Caught In The Act (Snopes might help regarding something a contestant mentions here)

Decisions, Decisions (with celebrity player David Letterman)

Finders Keepers (I think I'm high now)

Get Rich Quick

Going Going Gone (in two parts; Part 2 here; note that this is from the time when women didn't always get to have their first names announced on television)

How Do You Like Your Eggs? (only aired locally to 200 households in Columbus, Ohio)

Monday Night Quarterback (Part 2 here; Part 3 here; Part 4 here; oh, Jerry Kramer, don't do the Packers like this)

Party Line

Says Who?

Talking Pictures (hosted by Ted Allen prototype Allen Ludden)

Top Secret (I don't think contestant Wendy knows how riddles work)


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