Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Remember 1978, Albeit Very Reluctantly

Today, Argentina defeated the Netherlands in a penalty shootout to join Germany in the World Cup final. Argentina has won the Cup twice before, in 1978 and 1986.

They only like to remember 1986.

Argentina's military junta led by Jorge Videla was at the height of its power during the 1978 World Cup, which they hosted, and it was used to draw the world's attention away from some of the most sickening acts in modern human memory since the Holocaust. You might be able to find someone that will tell you including the Holocaust. I'll give you two reports on what happened, one text and one video. The text report is from the latest ESPN The Magazine, written by Wright Thompson, and when it says the story contains graphic descriptions of torture, heed that warning.

The video report, produced in 2002 by Jaap Verdenius and Kay Mastenbroek of the Netherlands, and Jan Thielen in Argentina, is below.

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