Thursday, May 19, 2011

How To Become Internet Famous

Step 1: Come up with a plan to set part of a playground on fire with the intent of taping yourself playing on that playground while it's on fire, with the intent of broadcasting the stunt to the Internet.
Step 2: Ignite said part of playground.
Step 3: Watch fire spread to rest of playground, causing 20-foot flames and $50,000 in damage.
Step 4: Run. Run like the wind.
Step 5: Fail to run sufficiently. Get arrested.
Step 6: Do this in New York City, where New York media and half of Brooklyn will try and figure out figure out what might possibly have possessed someone to set a playground on fire.
Step 7: Be the son of the guy who runs Alliance Films, which just so happens to be the distributor of The King's Speech, a picture of irony that will prove irresistible to anyone considering reporting on the story, here being no exception.
Step 8: Also, do this at a school attended by the son of a Real Housewife.

Congratulations! You're famous! Just not in the way you'd hoped! Also I never actually mentioned any of your names! Hope that's okay!

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