Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Emergency Breakdown Edition

First off, a little driving tip: If your car is going to break down in Madison to the point where you are coasting with no gas or brakes and barely any steering, try to break down in the rightmost lane, directly in front of an auto repair shop that has a large, half-empty strip mall parking lot next door you can dive into.

True story.

While waiting for my car to get fixed (it had something to do with a sensor), I added to the Rapid-Fire Book Club, because I had to do something walking up and down Willy Street for two hours and there was absolutely no way a longer piece was getting done today for all the time sunk into the breakdown...

*Halliday, Ayun- No Touch Monkey! and Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late (five books down the shelf from Eat, Pray, Love; I will be damned if the best-seller list is going to tell me what I read)
*Murrie, Matthew; Murrie, Steve- The First Book of Seconds: 220 of the Most Random, Remarkable, Respectable (and Regrettable) Runners-Up and Their Almost Claims to Fame (it was a buck; can't go too wrong at that price)

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