Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Catch-Up Edition

With RNG Week over with, we've got a little housecleaning to take care of, and note two books bought from a couple places on State Street in Madison, Pop Deluxe (which is total kicky quirky art-deco items you'd most expect to see in a 60's-retro party room) and Browzers Books (more of a straight-laced campus-side collection of books mostly decades old, the kind of books you find worm-eaten in your attic right before you move except, you know, not worm-eaten):

*Lunday, Elizabeth- Secret Lives of Great Composers
*Nash, Bruce; Zullo, Allan- The Baseball Hall of Shame

Both are extensions of a couple of book series I've patronized previously, although this is the first non-political Secret Lives Of book I've gone after, choosing the composers over authors, directors, First Ladies and personalities from the Civil War.

Also of note is Paul's Books, another campus-side place right next to Browzers I was in the same day and only off the UW-Madison campus on a technicality. It's Browzers, but more so, with a much larger selection and the prototypical dusty, musty imagery that a good book store thrives on. I didn't find anything that caught my eye in there that day- it traded a bit TOO heavily on the older books to the point of being rather outdated for my liking- but that seemed to be more on me than anything, seeing as on the day I was in there I was pretty much tripping over other customers every 30 seconds. (There were, it should be noted, more foreign-language books than I've seen in any other Wisconsin bookstore to date, regardless of size.)

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