Friday, June 17, 2011

Swing And A Long Drive, There It Is, Number 500

This is the 500th post of the blog, and in most places, something like that might merit some sort of milestone celebration thingie.

But I spent most of the day playing in a company softball tournament, am completely spent and having not written a thing for today because I got up at 6:30 and basically just headed straight to the diamond.

So for Glorious Post #500, you get a TED talk.

...oh hell, it's a milestone, after all.

FIVE TED talks. What a guy I am. I'll give a brief description of each, view the ones you like.

First, from Long Beach, CA in March, here's John Hunter, inventor of the World Peace Game, a 4-layered game he made for a gifted class...

Also in March at Long Beach, Paul Romer gave an update on a 2009 talk he gave concerning a proposal for a charter city- a newly-built city with a particular working model you want but is too difficult to achieve by modifying an existing city. Basically, think a modification of Bender's immortal Futurama quote- go build your own city, with blackjack, and hookers...

Third, at Penn State University in October, computer security expert Bruce Schneier discusses security, and how the amount of safety we feel and the amount of safety we actually have are not the same thing...

Fourth, if anyone out there besides me is having fun with the new Discovery Channel series 'Deception with Keith Barry', here's Barry in 2004 working over an audience in Monterey, California. For those who haven't seen the series, here's a guy who loves nothing more than to hijack people's brains.

And finally, TED cheated a little bit and posted a talk from 2008's Entertainment Gathering, also in Monterey, so they could host the video of a talk from Mythbuster Adam Savage about dodo birds and the Maltese Falcon and you clicked at 'Mythbuster' don't you.

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