Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Steal Rare Coins

Step 1: Do not steal rare coins.
Step 2: If you must steal rare coins, try to make sure that they are in fact rare coins.
Step 3: Do not put the rare coins into a counting machine. The counting machine does not know your coins are rare and will only give you face value.
Step 4: Do not steal rare coins from your own dad.
Step 5: Make sure you weren't going to get the coins anyway as an inheritance.
Step 6: Never do anything that would make your own dad say about you, "Just really a stupid person. Makes me feel good he was a stupid person and didn't realize what he had."

Luckily for the dad, most of the coins are able to be recovered; Coinstar, who owns the machine, allowed the dad to go looking through the machine for as many of the coins as he can retrieve. Some of the coins were never taken in the first place; they were placed in a bank, which held and returned them.

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