Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who The Hell Is Robert Sobukwe?

Tiny entry's all we're going to really be able to guarantee will get posted today. My dad fell off a ladder yesterday, broke two ribs and an ankle, and so the rest of the family's going to have to play nurse for a little while.

That established, I was going to link you to a Journeyman Pictures video which notes the 100th anniversary this year of the Pan-Africanist Congress in 1912. The video, 23 minutes long, commemorates Robert Sobukwe of South Africa, who in 1960 kicked off a nonviolent movement against the apartheid system's "pass laws", a key feature of apartheid that you'd probably better know as a "papers, please" law. Nonwhites had restricted movement, and had to carry around pass books when not in their designated home areas; failure to have the pass book on hand could mean arrest.

However, YouTube doesn't want to let me embed the video. So we'll link it from the original source instead, which isn't an embed either but it's the original source: the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. The director is Kevin Harris.

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