Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Benton Harbor Update

Bit of an update from the Random News Generator from Saturday; on Saturday we noted how Joseph Harris, emergency manager of Benton Harbor, Michigan, put the city's radio station, WHBC, on eBay. (He had shut the station off in January.)

Well, turns out he doesn't get to do that. The FCC must approve any transfer of a radio license, and the transfer must be made locally. eBay has cancelled the auction. A Colorado-based nonprofit, Public Radio Capital, has stepped in to try and acquire the station, though again, they're looking for someone in Benton Harbor to assume actual control.

So if you live in Benton Harbor... well, really, if you live in Benton Harbor, do whatever you can to stop living in Benton Harbor, but failing that, would you like to own a radio station?

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