Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Factory: Made In Honduras Edition

I didn't think I'd actually be making another post with that title. I really, really hoped I wouldn't be making another post with that title.

Honduras has dashed my hopes and dreams.

Because after their supreme court banning the sale and use of emergency contraception in any form, the legislature is now poised to pass a law enforcing it, banning the morning-after pill and permitting prison sentences of up to six years for not only the women who take it, but also the doctors who prescribe it. They had previously banned the pill in 2009, and when appealed to the supreme court, the court ruled that the morning-after pill is equivalent to an abortion, which is illegal in Honduras under any circumstances. The legislature, emboldened, is now looking to strengthen the ban.

The websites getting to this before I did tend to remind their readers that Honduras has a huge prison overcrowding problem. Honduras Weekly, going a step further, has declared the country the "Prison Fire Capital Of The World".

That's what taking the morning-after pill would get you if this passes.

Also making the rounds is an online petition urging president Juan Orlando Hernandez to veto the legislation. As of this posting, it sits at 642,182 signatures. I know online petitions don't always do much, but it's worth a shot.

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