Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Far Too Many Resources Devoted To Far Too Small A Problem

Making it two straight days of televised music, today I present a bit of a quandry. You see, last year, in order to promote Spring Training coverage, MLB Network cut a promo ad. As you do in such situations. And they have background music, which is clearly from some song or other.

But that's the thing. For the past year- and this spring as well, when they've used it again- nobody has been able to identify, with certainty and proof, what song that is. The song has gone without a positive identification all this time. There have been leads (most commonly the song 'Get Ready' by the Daylights), but none have led to a positive ID so far (partially because 'Get Ready' appears unavailable anywhere and is thus not able to be verified one way or the other). Considering how readily the Internet's able to come up with the most obscure tracks from the most obscure artists, this is a little astonishing. So I present it here in hopes that maybe a reader can step in and help figure it out, because I can't name it either.

Here's the audio of the ad.

While you're at it, here's another ad from the same set, this one with video as well, that nobody's been able to identify either:

If you can figure out either song- but particularly if you can figure out the first- the Internet will thank you.

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