Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butterfly In The Sky, Escaped From The Catalog

You remember Reading Rainbow? The children's book show that doubled as the only halfway decent book show on TV before its cancellation, forcing those who wanted a book show on TV to make do with Booknotes on C-SPAN 2 or possibly 3? You'd think Oprah would have converted her book club to an OWN show. There's a huge, gaping hole just waiting for someone to stroll on through now.

Someone like Reading Rainbow.

No, it's not back on TV. But it is back... on iPad, with classic episodes plus a smattering of new material. The thinking goes that there are a lot more stimuli for kids, and in order to get them reading, you need to go where they are. And they're on iPad these days, so make an app (which launched this past Tuesday) and get the kids- or the parents- to download it.

Which still leaves that gaping hole for a TV book show. Oprah, still waiting on y-- oh, wait. That's online now too.

Anyone. Decent book show. TV. Hundreds of networks out there. Don't care which one of you tries one. Just someone do one.

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