Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wisconsinites Even Dumber Than Scott Walker

First off, reminder that the recall election is on Tuesday, Wisconsinites. Get out there and vote if you haven't already voted early.

I say this not only because of the proximity to Tuesday, but because that's how today's dumb criminal story began. Back in May, an employee of Bill Feehan, a Republican Wisconsin state Senate candidate in the fall elections, named Chris Rochester, saw that Scott Walker was making an appearance in his hometown of La Crosse. Being a Republican and the employee of a Republican candidate, Rochester went, and in fact filmed the event.

Then he got home and saw a whole bunch of videos he didn't remember taking.That's because someone had stolen the camcorder and later returned it.

Now, let's have a powwow for all the budding camcorder thieves out there:

1. Don't steal a camcorder.
2. If you must steal a camcorder, do not film anything incriminating with it.
3. If you must film something incriminating with the stolen camcorder, and you later feel the urge to return it, make sure to delete the incriminating footage, and in fact all footage that you shot, before the victim sees it.
4. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to produce any part of the following video:

The only reason this did not lead to arrest of the thief, Houaka Yang, is that by the time Rochester posted the video to YouTube, Yang was already in custody.

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