Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Know Your Ass From A Huron The Ground

Here's a pretty esoteric X-in-Y-minutes quiz for you today: name the nations in the videogame Europa Universalis II, in 20 minutes. Sounds pointless and stupid, right?

First off, note that Europa Universalis is, in the vein of Civilization, a game where you take a real-world nation and lead them against others over a certain time period. So these are all real nations. Second, the time period in Europa Universalis II is 1419-1820, a time period when city-states and smaller tribes were rapidly congealing into larger nation-states, nation-states that still did not necessarily look like the ones you see on your map today. Third, the game takes a global scope, not just a European one. And fourth, you have 287 countries to name in your 20 minutes. So this is going to be quite the workout.

I got only 72. I'll start you off with Huron, as noted in the post title. It's the nation that starts off encompassing my home region, but I missed it.

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