Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are We Becoming Self-Aware?

This is way way way over my head, but I'd like to pass along today the item that a physicist named Martin Savage has proposed a scientific experiment to figure out if we're living in a computer simulation as opposed to reality. We don't have the technology to simulate enough of reality to have a usable sample size, but as supercomputers can simulate tiny parts of space, using something called lattice quantum chromodynamics- good luck deciphering this- one can extrapolate that eventually they'll be able to simulate enough to be able to tell.

I pass this along to raise a simple question: if our reality were indeed a simulation, and the tests we carried out a simulation of the simulation, would it not be logical to think that the primary simulation, or whoever's running the primary simulation, would account for the secondary simulation, and conspire to produce a result that confirmed things as reality?

Or is the fact that I myself am aware of this a disconfirmation of that theory, thereby showing that we are in fact real? Or is it an imperfect simulation, and I merely a bug that hasn't yet been caught?

Or did I just blow your mind?

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