Monday, December 3, 2012

Remember This Guy?

Do you remember this clip from an episode of Hardball in 2008?

(It was 1938.)

Do you remember Kevin James? Well, it has just come to my attention that James is running for mayor of Los Angeles, an election with a March 5 primary and a general election in May in the very likely event that nobody settles things in March. In fact, he's been running for a good long while; here's an article from May 1 talking about him running. He's a longshot and always has been- he's a Republican running in heavily Democratic Los Angeles- but as the most recent poll is showing (an Election Day exit poll), there are 8.7% of Los Angelenos- at least, of those who have made up their minds- willing to actually vote for this guy. Which puts him in a fairly distant fourth place. (The top two go through.)

Let's reiterate: 8.7% of committed Los Angeles voters looked at that clip and went 'I want that guy running my city!'

By the way, here he is speaking at a Tea Party rally in Van Nuys on Tax Day 2009.

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