Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please Don't Eggs-hume The Corpse

So even if you've never actually seen it, I imagine you at least know of the scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman bets that he can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs within one hour.

If you don't know of it, here's the scene.

You see how utterly wrecked Newman is at the end? He may be an actor in a movie, but that's a pretty accurate representation of what you will look like after 50 eggs. It's something that competitive eaters are asked if they can attempt, and there is the occasional video of people attempting what has now been dubbed the 'Cool Hand Luke Challenge', even going so far as to shave time off the clock.

A related challenge is drinking 50 raw eggs. It can be done; in fact, this man can drink 50 raw eggs in 20 seconds...

...but be advised that it's still 50 eggs and you will still likely be wrecked. In fact, eggs in that amount can potentially kill, as evidenced by a story coming out of Tunisia. 20-year-old Dhaou Fatnassi of the city of El Baten was the unfortunate victim here. The bet was 30 eggs, the time undisclosed, and Fatnassi keeled over at 28 and died on the way to the hospital. Officially, the cause of death is not yet determined, so maybe one of the eggs was rotten or had salmonella or something, but

It shouldn't take a whole lot of explanation to get into just why 50 eggs are hard to eat, but Jonathan Hare and Robert Llewellyn over at Open Learn have busted out a math equation and internal organ diagrams and everything to walk you through it.

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