Monday, April 22, 2013

CISPA: Not Dead Yet

Last week, CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, passed the House of Representatives. What's CISPA? PC Mag will let you know, but in short, CISPA would allow social-media sites to share your private information with the US government even if you're not a US citizen. (Obama has said if it reaches his desk, he intends to veto.)

As a measure of protest, Anonymous- you know, the hacker group borne of 4chan- has called for another Internet blackout like the one from January 18, 2012, aka 'that day Wikipedia shut down'. A blackout is seriously miles past my coding capabilities, as my coding capabilities amount to 'if you notice that line of Blogger icons obscuring my name in the 'About Me' section, yeah, I don't know how the hell to fix that'. But I can certainly make it the topic of the day. As utterly useless as the Senate is in the name of the people filibustering every nice thing that comes down the pike, it's still worth badgering them anyway.

I should note that I've taken down the 'Stop SOPA' banner from the top right, as it's become outdated. In its place has popped up an organization called Fight For The Future, and their activism arm, the Internet Defense League. As soon as I figure out how in blazes to do so, I'll be putting some sort of icon to that effect up somewhere around here.

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