Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's Go Look At Kitties Now

Are we about done? Can we have a normal day again now where the world's not blowing up? We can? Awesome.

It's possible that your kid might have a child-protection alarm in his possession, or that you might know someone whose child does. I don't know. Watertown isn't really the kind of town where you generally need to do that. But the idea is, for anyone who doesn't know, that if your child feels through whatever circumstance that they're being threatened by someone or are otherwise unsafe, they have this little alarm with a button on it they can push, and that sets off an ear-splitting noise that's supposed to get help to come running in the direction of said ear-splitting noise.

The reason I bring this up is that you can now have a Hello Kitty version of said alarm. As I wrote back in 2010, towards the beginning of this blog's life, you can have Hello Kitty damn near anything.

The man from Hello Kitty Hell, given a link back in 2010, is still at it, by the way. He has most recently been made aware of a Hello Kitty tiara, running $30,000.

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