Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random News Generator- Greece

First off, yes, Greece's economy is still all borked up. They expect their economy to shrink 3.8% this year. Their unemployment rate has hit 27.9%, the highest number since they started measuring in 2006. Suicides, while still relatively low, rose by 45% between 2007, the year before the financial crisis, and 2011. The prime minister says the recession is almost over, but then, people are awful at predicting things like that, often failing to accurately predict recessions even when they're already happening. German chancellor Angela Merkel, one of the most influential voices in the Eurozone, has come right out and said allowing Greece to adopt the euro was a mistake.

But you have that picture already. So let's go try and find something else. Let's fire up the old Google News feed.

*Greece may need two more aid packages, maybe three, to-- nope.
*China's state-run shipping company, Cosco, has invested 500 million euros to gain a toehold in the port of Piraeus so that-- nope.
*12% of the staff of Piraeus Bank opted for a voluntary exit, outpacing the bank's 10% target-- nope.
*Further cuts in pensions and benefits may soon-- nope.
*Former Minister of the Interior Dinos Michaelides was extradited to Athens from Cyprus today on corruption charges stemming from money laundering between 1997-2001-- nope.
*Deflation-- nooooooope nope nope nope nope.

...ooh, here we go! The Makaza Pass border crossing, connecting Greece with Romania via Bulgaria, is operational for the first time since 1944, when Bulgaria went behind the Iron Curtain, as of Monday. Greece and Bulgaria have four other crossings, but any time a new way to get over a border opens, you can naturally expect an increase in trade and tourism and general cultural exchange. And Makaza happens to be the fastest way from a lot of Central Europe to the Aegean coast of the Mediterranean. So that's nice.

That's one whopping thing that's nice.

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