Monday, October 28, 2013

Extreme Toys

When I was in Los Angeles back in May, I visited the LA County Museum of Art. Among the exhibits there was a sculpture called Metropolis II, by Chris Burden. What Burden did was take about 1,200 toy cars and construct a perpetual track and city for them to cycle through. It was, to be short with it, awesome and I probably took as many pictures of that as of the rest of the trip combined.

However, that was done using a custom-built track. What I'm wondering is, what might someone do with an actual Hot Wheels track? And, for that matter, how big can you take other construction-type toys?

I already know the answer to one such toy, Legos, as James May had an entire house constructed, and then lived in it for 24 hours. The entire story behind it is here, but the finished product is below.

And for that matter, May did an entire six-episode series around this concept, including a bridge made out of Meccano- think a British equivalent of an Erector set:

and the world's largest slot-car track:

So... what else can we find where toys get taken to ridiculous extremes? Let's start with, yes, a true Hot Wheels track.






DOMINOES (the current world record holder for most dominos toppled in a rally)

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