Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random News Generator- China

Well, I've certainly slagged on China enough around here without the RNG prompting me.

And yes, they have expressed concern over the potential default, as has everyone else with a brain. But let's set that aside... and slag on China a bit more:

*Over the summer, journalist Liu Hu blogged about corruption in China's government. He's been arrested at his home in Chongqing and charged with "defamation".
*We have a count, freshly announced, of just how many people are employed to monitor China's Internet. As it happens, it's about two million people. To compare, China's active military is estimated at 2,285,000 people.
*China has passed the United States as the world's largest oil importer. According to new data from the Energy Information Administration, China's oil production in September was 4.6 million barrels per day, and they consumed 10.9 million per day, resulting in a deficit of 6.3 million. (The United States, meanwhile, came in at 12.5 million produced and 18.6 million consumed, a deficit of 6.1 million barrels per day.)
*They're also on pace to import a record amount of gold this year, importing 861.40 metric tons from January through August via Hong Kong. Topping 1,000 tons is believed to be sufficient to set the record.
*There's a dispute between five nations over territory in the South China Sea: Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, centering around the Spratly Islands. You can also count Taiwan if you wish. A map of the claims can be seen here; the Spratlys are that big grey blob just north of Malaysia and Brunei. You will note that the claims all overlap each other, but you will especially note that China, furthest of the five from the Spratlys, lays claim to basically the entire sea, to the consternation of everyone that isn't China. The United States has until now steered clear of the dispute; however, after the Philippines opted to pursue an arbitration case with the United Nations, Secretary of State John Kerry made a comment that nations do in fact have that right. Which is the mildest statement ever, but it was enough to make China's angry.
*Here's an article noting how China's lost over half of its rivers since the 1950's.
*The Uighurs in the northwest: still being oppressed.
*The Tibetans in the southwest: still protesting and still being shot. China denies both halves of that statement.
*The Playstation 4 you're gearing up to buy: built by college interns for course credit. Course credit that they needed in order to graduate and would have been denied to them if they didn't volunteer for internship making Playstation 4's.
*And let's wrap up with BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. Hornets, which have killed 41 people since July and injured some 1,600 people in Shanxi Province. Factors being blamed include warmer weather and urbanization that have destroyed the hornets' natural habitat.

Just a ball of fun over there, isn't it?

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