Friday, March 14, 2014

Fish And Hell's Kitchen Stink After Three Days

Hell's Kitchen, a show that I would call a guilty pleasure except I'm not ashamed at all (it's only a guilty pleasure if you don't want to admit that you watch it), premiered Season 12 tonight. So I figure today, we should do some food instruction so that you do not let your skills lapse to the point where you are selected to compete on Hell's Kitchen.


what did i just watch. i just wanted food on the nice camera and that happened. now the camera is smiling and dancing. hepl.

Welp, I guess we might as well find a how-to-make-sushi video to go along with... that. Since there's a whole mess of different kinds of sushi, it probably wouldn't pay to pick a video for one specific type, so I'm picking out a more general how-to which you could then probably alter to taste yourself. You get the basics down of the overall process and customization shouldn't be too tough from there.

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