Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update To The Update

Good news (solve for 'good'). The PET scan on Dad is done, and the cancer has not spread anywhere that we don't already know it to be. Well, barring an MRI tomorrow that would reveal anything monumentally awful up in the brain. That means there's a chance at actually beating this. Not managing it; beating it.

The first round of chemo, as already stated, was today, and it was noted that he'll be at his weakest about 10 days after the start of chemo... which just about coincides with the birth of our nephew, slated for April 1st. Who he won't really be able to hold without a bunch of protective gear for fear of contaminating the baby. But we'll make it work somehow.

Also Wisconsin spring elections are April 1st. Hoo boy, that's going to be a crazy day. Especially since that requires me to vote in Watertown, it will also be a day of radiation therapy in Madison (to Watertown's west), and the baby will be born in Oconomowoc (to Watertown's east).

Am I frightened? Of course I am. I'm sure everybody is around here. We've all broken down at least a couple times each already. That having been established? We have a path. We have a way out, as long as we all bust our respective butts. Nothing to do but get to work.

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