Thursday, August 7, 2014

How To Fly A Drone

1. ...well, okay, usually it's just a straight-up 'don't fly a drone', but I don't know that I'd go quite that far. Let's go with 'you probably don't need to be flying a drone'.
2. If you must fly a drone, be very very careful about where you fly it.
3. Do not fly your drone in a place where people are obviously going to get upset about it.
4. This is a lot of places.
5. Drones are not permitted, for example, in national parks.
6. So do not fly your drone in a national park.
7. When in a national park, do not do anything to damage the natural beauty of the setting. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of having a national park.
8. Upon acquiring your drone, read the manual. Learn to properly control your drone. Mechanical flying machines, as one might expect, are not much good when they're nose-first in the ground.
9. You're probably getting a good idea of the punchline by now, so: do not crash your drone into a Yellowstone hot spring. The park rangers will be quite miffed in between attempts to figure out how in the world they're going to get it out of there.

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