Saturday, August 23, 2014

Internal Programming Note

Okay, let's just rip the band-aid off: I'm putting up ads on the site. I know they're irritating, I know you're reaching for AdBlock right now, but I said way back at the start that this was a blog ultimately created with the intent of finding paying writing work. It's four and a half years later and I'm still here. So it's quite honestly long past time for me to just try and make money off the blog directly, and how do you do that? Ads, of course. (Though if you'd like to give me money for writing things, that would also be swell.)

So there are ads now. I'm trying for the least-obnoxious locations I can manage, and they actually won't officially 'go up' until Google detects a certain amount of pageviews (they won't tell me the number), but bar actually getting paid directly for writing specific pieces... just be sure to click on them for me.

If you see big blank spots, that's apparently where they're going to be.

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