Monday, August 4, 2014

More Placeholder Stuff

Yep, more podcast feeling-out. Hopefully I don't completely run low on time-buying methods while we get stuff squared away, but it's becoming clear to me that once I get going on this, it's going to eat up a LOT of time on me.

So, the real-estate site Movoto has constructed a map of the richest person in each state. There are a couple things I want you to note from the map:

*Nobody on the map holds elective office, though just about everybody is politically active. Holders of high office are disproportionately wealthy, but when you get to be THAT rich, it tends to be counterproductive to hold down a seat.
*Tennessee is slightly inaccurate. It lists Thomas Frist Sr. He actually died in 1998. Thomas Frist Jr., however, is alive and well and very very rich, and is pretty obviously what the map means to say.
*If the name Frank VanderSloot (Idaho), a principal donor of the Mitt Romney campaign, is unfamiliar to you, well, suffice to say that Frank goes to fairly drastic lengths to keep it that way. It's worth getting to know him.

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