Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ferguson. Again. (sigh)

Here is what we know:

*An officer has been shot somewhere in the general vicinity of Ferguson, MO. The officer was shot in the arm and is expected to recover.
*Residents of Ferguson and the area police departments are at each other's throats again in response to said shooting.

Here is what we don't know, given the Twitter feed I've been following:

*Whether that officer was actually in Ferguson or not. Some accounts are placing the shooting in nearby Dellwood.
*Whether the officer is male or female.
*Whether the shooting had anything to do with the whole Michael Brown affair; some accounts place it as part of an unrelated burglary attempt.
*Whether the suspect is alive or dead. The Ferguson PD says the suspect- a black male, of course- is alive and still at large as of this writing. The protestors on scene are after all that has led up to now disinclined to believe a single word out of the Ferguson PD's mouth and are proceeding as if the suspect is dead.
*Whether or not additional shots have been fired.

The situation is ongoing as we speak. Lot of misinformation and disinformation flying around.

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