Monday, September 15, 2014

More Geography Quizzes, More I Say

As we have long since established, I am a sucker for map-based quiz shenanigans, and Google has come at me with the latest personal timesuck, Smarty Pins. Which has been around for a couple months now but it's new to me dammit.

The game works like this: you'll be asked a question that asks you to point out somewhere on a map. It's not going to be the straight 'point to Paris' stuff either; you'll be asked questions in which you first have to figure out that the answer is Paris, and then mark it off. You have 1,000 miles to play with, and you're minorly assisted by the fact that Google will zoom into the general region of the correct answer to start you off. For each question, you lose the amount of miles you're off. If you get close (or nail it completely), and answer within 15 seconds, you will get a couple miles back; however many of those 15 seconds are left get added to your bank. The goal is to survive as many questions as you can before your miles run out. After those 15 seconds, you'll get a hint.

Now, these questions generally aren't all that difficult, but they're enough to get you to bleed miles. I've played twice and both times got to 19 questions. Not the toughest quiz in the world, but then, I like them with some kick to them.

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