Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are You Using Internet Explorer 6?

If you are, please stop. That browser is a decade old now and Microsoft, not to mention a whole lot of website developers, would love nothing more than to see people stop using it so they can stop having to support it in their designs, thus saving themselves a whole lot of work.

Right now, Microsoft is showing 12% of the world as still using IE 6. They'd like to get that number under 1%. China by far is the biggest offender, with over a third of users there still on IE 6. Asia as a continent is causing most of the problems, so if you're here from Asia, this may well concern you. Norway and Finland, you're already under 1%; good for you.

If you want to keep using Internet Explorer as a browser, the most recent version is IE 9. Here's where you can download it, though you need to be using Windows 7 or Vista first. If you aren't, here's IE 8.

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