Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Very Angry

I can count the times I have been angrier in my entire life on one hand, and one of those involved the day I found out my half-brother Jason had six months to live. I know I'm supposed to be trying to have some sort of journalistic integrity, but dammit, after the stunt the Senate Republicans pulled to pass the anti-collective bargaining bill, I cannot help it right now.

I want Scott Walker gone. I want the Republicans in the state senate gone. I want the Republicans in the state assembly gone. There is no point in even pretending to participate in governmental debate in the state of Wisconsin at this point. The very idea of civil discourse appears to be dead and no longer worth reviving. Not with this batch of people in charge. All there is left to do is declare all-out electoral nuclear war.

To that end, I've laid down my money here to help fund the recall efforts. I'd like as many of my American readers as possible to do likewise.

Scott Walker hasn't seen anything yet.

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