Monday, August 1, 2011

Attention Wisconsin Recall Voters

If you have received or seen an absentee-ballot flier, please carefully check the date in which it tells you to turn your ballot in.

The election in question, in State Senate districts 2 and 10, is August 9. The flier I need you to watch out for, distributed by Americans for Prosperity- aka the Koch brothers- tells you that the deadline is "before August 11".

This is an old, old voter fraud trick, the "tell opposition voters to show up a day or two after the election" ploy. If you turn that absentee ballot in on August 11, the election will have been over for two days. The election's on the 9th.

And while we're at it, also be on the lookout for such ploys as 'Republicans vote on Day X, Democrats vote on Day Y' and warnings that you could get arrested for traffic tickets by showing up. If you hear them, they're lies. Go vote anyway.

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